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Would you like to know how to get interviews on major TV and radio shows?

Do you want to have your products featured in magazines or on top blogs and websites?


Do you want to share your message in a bigger way, reaching hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people?


Would you like to gain an inside view of what members of the media want?


Watch a sample of my video interviews with members of the media.


It’s rare to get the insider scoop, directly from media producers and writers, like this…


Would you like to know what I did to book clients for interviews with top media outlets like these?




Everything you need to know to get yourself great publicity is here in…


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LisaLookingOverShoulder_cropped closer.jpgBecoming Popular: How to Get Yourself Great Media Coverage is a program I developed after more than 25 years in the PR industry. I created this program for people who want to learn how to get their own media coverage, and more.

In this program, I share the shortcuts and insider secrets I’ve developed to secure my clients major publicity and position them for book deals, endorsement deals, their own TV shows, and more. I’ll also tell you how I attracted media interviews for myself with Inc., Entertainment Tonight, Fox News and other national outlets. “

~ Lisa Elia, PR Expert & Media Trainer


Raise your profile. Attract more clients. Play a bigger game.


Media placements from large, reputable media outlets can…


Attract new clients or customers.


Provide third-party endorsement, which can be enough to tip the scales in your favor when new clients are deciding which vendor to choose.


Position you for big deals, like the TV show, video, book and endorsement deals my clients were offered as a result of their media exposure.


Using this program you can…


Get yourself great media placements.


Be prepared to approach top decision makers anywhere.


Polish your presentation, both in person and online.


Save thousands of dollars by handling your publicity efforts yourself, rather than paying a PR firm to do it for you.


Feel more confident about what you’re putting out into the world.


This program gives you the tools and information you need to succeed with publicity.


With the written materials, audio recordings and video recordings that come with this program, you can learn how to:


refine your branding;


get your website ready to start promoting yourself;


create your own polished press kit and online press room;


understand the media and how to pitch to them and book interviews;


write press releases, distribute them and maximize their impact;


feel relaxed and prepared for interviews, including the tough ones;


create materials to attract speaking engagements and other BIG deals;


use social media to connect with, and attract, the media;


and much more.



Becoming Popular: How to Get Yourself Great Media Coverage is both comprehensive and flexible.


I have poured into this program the knowledge I’ve gained during more than 25 years in the field of PR, plus my four years as an undergrad. (My bachelor’s degree is in communication with a public relations focus, so I have been doing this a long time).

The instructions and examples in the program are from my tested, real-world successful practices, accessible in the form of videos, audio recordings and PDFs.

This is the most comprehensive program I know of to teach you how to prepare yourself and your materials and then to actually get yourself great publicity placements.

You can go through the program from top to bottom, or only use the modules and lessons that serve your needs.

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1. The handbook that I created and give only to clients, A Great Interview Every Time: Media Interview Handbook.

2. A complimentary 1-year membership in my coaching circle. You can participate in monthly coaching calls with me, so you can get feedback and stay on track.

3. Complimentary access to my private Facebook group, where you can post questions and get answers from me quickly.




I believe s100% money back guarantee labelo strongly in this program, that I’m providing a money-back guarantee.

  Click to read the terms of the guarantee.



Read what others have to say about the Becoming Popular program:


Maya Mathias--cropped“Lisa Elia oozes professionalism, care and deep expertise. Her Becoming Popular program is a delightful treasure trove of get-to-the-heart-of-it training content and action plans. In a few short weeks, I was able to crystallize my messaging, organize my online press room and secure my first online radio show appearance.

Then, Lisa and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time brainstorming story angles that would serve my business, amplify my message and attract my tribe. Her ideas were mind-expanding and I can’t wait to pitch them to media outlets.

Lisa – thank you for sharing your gift for communication and PR so generously and effortlessly. I’m excited to keep the conversation going as my business grows and my message spreads.”

Maya Mathias, The Global Leadership Creator


Caroline Donahue

“Before working with Lisa, I was terrified to write a press release. There was something so intimidating about that phrase, ‘press release’! Yikes! With Lisa’s guidance, I’ve now sent out several that picked up tons of hits, was quoted in Organic Spa magazine, have been on numerous blog radio shows, one of which has been downloaded over 900 times! Press really does make the difference. I can’t recommend getting help and support from Lisa highly enough!”

Caroline Donahue, Remabulous Coaching




lisa-greenfield“After a career in sales and management consulting, it was time to give my own dream a chance and I wanted PR advice for today’s competitive media environment. Lisa Elia’s course is astounding. It offers straight-talking, manageable sections of information to build a solid business foundation and then helps shape an effective and comprehensive strategy for growth. It demonstrates how to achieve an inviting professional presentation and cohesive messaging. To say I am impressed is an understatement. It would be almost impossible to find better value for your time and money or a more engaging person to teach it!”

Lisa Greenfield, Truth in Hand



 Jacqueline Delibes“Give Lisa Elia time to brainstorm and she will create powerful strategies with you to propel your business upward. Lisa is wonderful at drilling down far enough to uncover the essence of your brand and then she helps develop it further. There is a lot of overlap between crafting an effective PR campaign and building a business from the ground up; I think of Lisa as both a publicist and a business partner. No matter what stage you think you’re at with your business, I strongly advise working with Lisa.”

Jacqueline Delibes, Writer


Are you ready for your own success story?




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